Personalized Driving Lesson


This is an in-car program (one-on-one) designed to meet the needs of individuals. Potential students will have a consultation prior to lessons to develop a lesson plan. We work at your own pace and blend “the basics” with specialized instruction.

Our programs are inclusive of mental health needs. This includes listening to students’ needs, breaking tasks into smaller steps, working in shorter time periods, providing breaks between tasks, and any further adjustments to the lessons as necessary. This allows space for students to refocus on their task and give them the best possible chance at succeeding.

We evaluate the student and lesson plans as necessary to set clear expectations for the student. We will continue to address all mistakes and provide feedback. Students will only work with one instructor to remain consistent. All students are taught with positive reinforcement. At the end of each lesson, instructors will provide a complete report with notes and follow-up.


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01 Hour lesson