Commercial Defensive Driving Course

Commercial Defensive Driving Course

1. Introduction
2. Anticipating and Planning
3. Negociating Intersections
4. Rules of the Road
5. Weather Condition
6. The Physiological and Psychological Capabilities of Drivers

Newport Driving School has developed an online Commercial Defensive Driving Course specifically for commercial vehicle drivers.

The online Commercial Defensive Driving Course can be utilized as stand-alone training as well as augment existing training. It would be a great way to ensure your drivers have a training program which covers best practices for driving defensively and ensuring driver, cargo, and vehicle safety.

This online Commercial Defensive Driving Course was specially designed for a company with many drivers. The company had a high incidence of accidents leading to vehicle damage, passenger injury, and higher insurance rates. As a result, they were in need of a solution.

The course and testing we developed have allowed for their drivers to become better educated on best practices for driving their vehicle and ensuring the safety of those sharing the road. And as a result, we are pleased to say, the rate of accident and injury has declined significantly.

We incorporate videos and lecture in the training. Although this type of training is normally done for employees that have been involved in accidents while driving a company car, it is a very good training class for new employees that are going to be driving as part of their job duties.

What is Commercial Defensive Driving Course?

Commercial Defensive Driving Course is a way of driving that allows you to take into consideration other drivers’ bad driving habits. Using defensive driving techniques help you anticipate the way, in order to safely avoid accidents. We work on “The Smith System of Driving” The Five Keys to Space Cushion Driving”, Four Characteristics of A Safe Driver (Defensive Driving), Attitude, Observation, Concentration, Anticipation, Tips for Sharing the Road with Trucks: Auto Safety Check List, Special Problems and Emergencies, What To Do If You See An Accident, If, You Are Involved In An Accident, When You Can’t See Because of Fog, Rain, or Snow.

Spend time, Save lives… Take our Commercial Defensive Driving Course, Even the best drivers can, sometimes make wrong decisions! Teach them to make the right ones. Change attitudes. Save lives.

After completion of the Commercial Defensive Driving Course, we will issue certificate of completion to show to the Commercial insurance company you may receive a discount.